Missing activation email

Email delivery may take up to 10 minutes depending on your provider. If it has not been delivered, please check your email box's spam section to make sure that the email was not accidentally marked as spam. If the email is not there, try to request another one by filling out the form here.

Login failure

Make sure that the email and password you have entered are correct. If you used your social network account for signing in, make sure that you are still using the same account. Otherwise start a password reset procedure by filling out the form here.

Username or email change

Unfortunately, currently it is not possible.

Password change

In order to change your current password or assign a new one, you need to fill out and submit the form which can be found in the profile section of your account office space.

Notifications settings

All email notifications are optional. In order to activate or deactivate some specific notifications, toggle the buttons in the notifications section of your account office space.